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Here we have a very unusual Fordite pendant. The Fordite "stone" is mounted with solid 9ct yellow gold and is on a solid gold chain. Handmade right here in South Wales. The Fordite is sourced from a US supplier of rare gems and is from a Ford plant.

I see a lot of Fordite jewellery mounted and wrapped-which is a wonderful way to present the stone. However, I wanted to draw the attention TO the stone and not have any distracting elements. Thus I have opted for simple and elegant which is offset with yellow gold.

The "stone" is polished to a high shine and professionally cut.

All metal in this are solid gold and produced by hand (rolled and formed) in an environmentally friendly way. NO CO2 was released in the manufacture of this jewellery.

The Fordite in this piece has the following colours: dark blue, light blue, red, black, green and a pink of sorts.

The "element" Fordite has an interesting and rather short history. When cars became available in colours other than black, the paint was sprayed on and baked to dry. Drips from the paint collected and were removed by workers. Somehow, it became popular in the alternative jewellery scene. Now it is fairly mainstream as it is rare and sought after.

Sadly, the techniques that produced this great stone years ago, are no longer in practice. Cars are now painted by way of an electrostatic process that essentially magnetises the enamels to the car bodies. This leaves little, or no overspray. The old factory methods that produced this incredible material are long gone.

The Fordite “mines” are dry, so get some while you still can!

This pendant would be a perfect gift for the lady in your life, or as a treat for yourself.

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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We have a selection of trace chains available to purchase with your pendants.

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UK to US Ring Size Conversion Chart*

US and EU comparisons are accurate to within approximately 1/4 of a finger size.

C 1 3/4 40 1/2
D 2 1/4 41 1/2
E 2 3/4 42 3/4
F 3 1/4 44 1/2
G 3 3/4 45 1/2
H 4 1/4 46 1/2
I 4 3/4 47 3/4
J 5 1/4 49 1/2
K 5 1/2 50 1/4
L 6 51 1/2
M 6 1/2 52 1/2
N 7 54
O 7 1/2 55 1/4
P 8 56 1/4
Q 8 1/2 57 1/2
R 8 3/4 58 1/2
S 9 1/2 60 1/4
T 9 3/4 61 1/2
U 10 1/4 62 1/2
V 10 3/4 63 3/4
W 11 1/4 65 1/4
X 11 3/4 66 1/4
Y 12 1/4 67 1/2
Z 12 3/4 68 3/4