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From my family to yours, for generations.

A celebration of Welsh history and its legacy. A jewellery business that's made in Wales, for the world to enjoy. 

Renee Isabella is 100 years old. For 100 years the family business has been providing wonderful quality jewellery to everyone. It hasn't always been called Renee Isabella. It was a business of no real name or just “George the jewellers in Ely”. It was not until the 1980’s when my father named it ‘Stan’s Jewellery’ that it became an entity we would recognise today. 

Started in 1919 by returning WW1 vet George Rogers, the business was centred around giving the local community in Ely and Canton of Cardiff basic jewellery repairs and simple items of gold and silver that were within the budget of the local community. As my grandfather built a skills set in goldsmith work, he expanded to a front room style “shop”, selling very little as the price of gold and the required amount of stock made a shop impossible. He sought to provide the basics of jewellery repair and simple personal commissions.

(The original 'shop' being in the road behind the building with the Ivy, Ely bridge c.1910) (Images credits @OldCardffPics)

He taught my father, he was not the jewellers son my Grandad George was hoping for, as one of 9 and during the war years, training was hard, expensive and needed dedication beyond words.

My dad fulfilled his training and promptly sought work as a factory hand. He did this for 30 years. Helping Grandad George each evening, but when Grandad George passed in 1950, my dad decided to do the work in a part time capacity. He learned much and taught me more, and I enjoyed it and enjoy it as much now. Some of my earliest memories are of my dad smelting some gold in this blaze of red, yellow and white heat that scared the little me. Ultimately, I never got to meet my grandpa but he passed on a great gift to me. A love of goldsmithing, jewellery and the desire to continue with the de facto family business. When I was taught the basics by my dad, he was slowly building a jewellery workshop in his garage. This was the way of things until I came of age. I was handed the business in 2009 and started to change how it was operating. 

I wanted to make it a bit more modern. Capture the online potential and keep the jewellery simple, fairly priced and a focus on the business roots of Grandpa George. 

I married in 2005 and had 3 wonderful children. Each now being taught the same things I was. Indeed, if you buy from us, the jewellery would be either made in front of small wondering eyes of my 7 year old daughter, the questioning gaze of my son or the delicate care of my oldest. My wife is being taught but as an accountant by training, is more in tuned with the running of the business. 

(Steve working at his bench 2020)

Renee Isabella is designed to be for everyone, with the idea of both supporting us as a family and to keep the 3 generation ideals of small, caring and personal alive. 

Welcome to Renee Isabella, a family business from 1919 to now.